About Rebecca

Hello and welcome.  I want to warmly welcome you to this space of deep listening, warmth and care where you are already loved and already enough!  I value a space like this because I know what it feels like when that's missing.  My own healing journey informs my passion for holding space for highly sensitive people and deeply empathic people.  We can transform our wounds into our gifts.  The world needs us and all we have to offer.  Feeling like someone gets us, helps us feel a sense of belonging and that we matter. 

My path has included working as a Dance/Movement Therapist for 30 years!  I love that my career took me down the learning path of exploring the age continuum backwards from elders to infants, and all the ages in between.  Our first language is movement and nonverbal connection.  Our first nourishment is attunement and resonance.  It is my passion to bring warmth and care into the lives of others.

In my training as a dance/movement therapist, I experienced my first awareness of how a wound becomes a gift; how our genius is found in our early coping strategies.  The very thing I did not receive as a young child, attunement and resonance, I found that I had the ability to give.  It is a core value.  My brilliant coping strategy as a child - to tune out, not be present in my body - led me to my lifelong passion for getting back into my body!!  It's a daily practice in our modern culture.  There is an opportunity for transformation from feeling disempowered to empowered. 

In my work, I invite play, creativity, intuition and your body's deep wisdom.  Check out my offerings on the Sessions page and please be in touch with any curiosities.  




"Authentic Movement with Rebecca informs my body, speech and mind/spirit. Her wise and gentle care makes for a relaxed class in which I feel safe to explore any which way of expressing myself with dance.  It is such a gift to move again!  It had been decades since I allowed myself to even try creative dance.  Heartfelt thanks; I learned so much about myself and myself in relation with others." - M.M.

"Rebecca provides a grounded, open, and neutral space to explore, witness and clarify one's personal journey through movement. She is responsive to students, recognizing that together we create our container. Coming to her classes is like a breath of fresh air held lovingly in the atmosphere of our great mother earth - both freeing and protected at the same time. She naturally cultivates a deep level of trust which allows students to move what needs to be moved and share what needs to be shared. Each class has held an element of transformation, sometimes light and sometimes bold - whatever seems to be needed on the next step of the journey." - Summer 

"Rebecca has mastered the balance between leader and listener. She is astute, gentle, and playful. I instantly feel safe and at ease when I am in her space. Her giving nature and expertise help me feel trust in my own process, and give me a sense of freedom I don't experience with other teachers. My experiences with her as a healer have been profound." - A.K.

“In our Authentic Movement classes, Rebecca holds an egalitarian space with elegant calmness and steady composure. She has an uncanny ability to include herself as a seeker and participant along with us, in full presence, spontaneity and vulnerability. She seamlessly offers the necessary details of pacing  and structure,  the modelling of unconditional respect for all of us and the much welcomed mead of inclusion.”  - L.S.

© 2020 by Rebecca A. deGraw

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