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I want to warmly welcome you to this space of deep listening, warmth and acceptance.  Being seen and heard for exactly who you are is powerful.  Speaking your truth, honoring your experience and stories helps to clear the hurt from the past and create the space for your present and future.  Coming home to our bodies is an act of revolution in our current culture that wants us to stay small, scared and stressed out.  Embodied practices can get us out of our heads and into our hearts, sensations, intuition and body wisdom.  I want to see and honor all parts of you, reuniting you with your gifts and greatness. 

Our first language is movement and nonverbal connection.  Our first nourishment is attunement and resonance.  It is my passion to bring warmth and care into the lives of others.  You might experience that I listen to you in images and reflect that back to you.  I want to hear both your words and your non-verbal body cues.  

Your personal healing journey is interconnected with the greater social justice movement calling for healing and transformation.  For that reason, it feels incredibly important to me to help people of European descent begin to name and dismantle the social construct of whiteness and really examine how we are impacted by cultural conditioning.  These patterns show up in our bodies, thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors.  Shifting from intellectual awareness to embodied awareness is an act of healing and brings transformation in our personal lives and in service to people who experience oppression and marginalization.   

I worked as a Dance/Movement Therapist for 30 years and now identify as an Embodiment Coach.  I am actively engaging in decolonizing traditional therapy.  In my work as an Embodiment Coach, I invite play, creativity, intuition, ritual and your body's deep wisdom.  Check out my offerings on the Sessions page and please be in touch with any curiosities.  



"Rebecca's wise and gentle care makes for a relaxed class in which I feel safe to explore any which way of expressing myself with dance.  It is such a gift to move again!"  - M.M.

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