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A free, 45-60 minute consultation is offered to help you 
 explore if working together is a good fit for you.

Sessions are offered in person, outdoors or online.  

Sea Shell


I am passionate about creating and holding space for your personal process of self discovery and healing to unfold.  I support an embodied focus:  tuning into felt sense to be present with your body's wisdom.  What is stored in our bodies needs attention, dialogue, release.  I hold space to explore how cultural patterns impact our personal patterns.

$100 1 hour session
$145 1.5 hour session
White Sands
Forest Path


Stepping onto a path in a state of open, embodied presence and in a state of reciprocity (giving and receiving) with Nature is very healing.  Reclaiming the inter-connections between our own inner Nature and outer Nature surrounding us is restorative.   Nature becomes a mirror to our process and often offers signs and symbols that become part of the session. 

$100 1 hour session

$145 1.5 hour session


Authentic movement is a contemplative practice of bringing our attention to our inner felt sense.  We listen and respond, allowing our body to be moved.  It is a simple and profound ritual. 
This practice is cultural building in that we slow down, use deep listening, and create a space that is free from judgement in order to re-inhabit our bodies, while also nourishing our nervous systems.

Tuesdays from 6 - 8 pm 

Barkley area, Bellingham, 98226

Drop in $20
Class card $60/ 4 classes
sliding scale available
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