A free 30-minute consultation is offered to help you 

 explore if working together is a good fit for you.  

Individual and couple sessions are currently held online on a secure video chat platform or outside in nature to support solidarity with physical distancing and social connection.

I am passionate about creating and holding space for your personal process of self discovery and healing to unfold.  I support an embodied focus:  tuning into felt sense to be present with your body's wisdom.  What is stored in our bodies needs attention, dialogue, release.
Sliding scale fee:  $45 - 90

Couples Sessions - My perspective on couples “work”. 

( I – YOU – WE )


First, I welcome you with love and invite you into a space where you are already loved and you are definitely enough.  My passion is to accompany you (separately and together) with resonance, to support you to unfold your unique path of growth, healing, and loving connection.  


Our relationships are informed by our very first experiences of bonding and attachment.  The foundation of my work and play with couples is honoring our earliest attachment experiences and how that impacts our current relationship.

We bring both the gifts and the challenges with us.   (There’s some neuroscience to back us up.)

I would love to help you face challenges with play and joy.  

Sliding scale fee:  $55 - 120

Sessions in Nature for Individuals and Couples

Stepping onto a path in a state of open, embodied presence and in a state of reciprocity (giving and receiving) with Nature is very healing.  Reclaiming the inter-connections between our own inner Nature and outer Nature surrounding us is restorative.   Nature becomes a mirror to our process and often offers signs and symbols that become part of the session. 

Sliding scale:  same as above

Authentic Movement - Individual (available online) or Group (held outdoors in a beautiful nature setting)

Authentic movement is a contemplative practice of bringing our attention to our felt sense and allowing it to move us.   Movers turn their attention inward, often with eyes closed, while the space is held by at least one witness. From a place of deep listening, movers explore inner impulses, spontaneous gestures, movement and stillness. Witnesses observe and track inner responses to share with the mover. Reflecting observations occurs in a non-judging way. Self-reflection can occur in writing and art journals.

You can experience Authentic Movement in an individual session or attend a weekly group.  Individual fee;  $45 - 90

Weekly Group:   Single class:  $20,  Class card:  4 classes for $60

Please e-mail to register or for more information, see contact page.

Mondays 10 am - 12 pm, Tuesdays, 5:30 - 7:30 pm,  Wednesdays - pop up group, get on the email list to find out when we are gathering. 

Contact me for location

Fairhaven, WA 98229

Laughter Jam! 

A monthly Laughter Yoga group (on hold)

**Host an online Laughter Jam for friends and family!!

Individual Laughter Sessions available on-line!!

$20 -50 sliding scale

What can I say, I love to laugh and play.  I started leading laughter groups 15 years ago when I was struggling with depression.  It's my favorite supplement.  Laughter is an activist disrupting the stress response.  Laughter is a massage therapist relaxing muscles and waking up the circulation system.  Laughter is your best friend reminding you of your younger self, offering surprise and delight.  Laughter, breathing, playful and creative spirit, movement and connection is what we need more of in the world.  Come and join us.

1st Wednesday of each month beginning January 1st, 2020

6 -7:30 pm

$5 -15 sliding scale

Home Studio

Fairhaven, WA, 98225

Children & Families on hold
Newborn Behavioral Observation

Newborns (birth to three months)

I am certified through the Brazelton Institute in facilitating the Newborn Behavioral Observation.  This is a sweet, loving and grounding process for new parents to support bonding and awareness of your new baby’s abilities and strengths.

Groups for Children on hold

Jump, Jiggle, Jive

Music and movement class for little ones


Children learn by playing, doing and having fun! Music & movement group for children under three and their caregivers provides enough structure to help children focus and engage, with enough freedom to be unique, self expressive individuals.  Circle time includes songs with hand motions, simple sign language, sound effects, rhythm and rhymes to promote language development.  Movement songs support motor skills, creative exploration and social interaction.

Group days and times TBA

© 2020 by Rebecca A. deGraw

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