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Embodiment Coaching... exploring metaphor and creating shifts

Embodiment Coaching might look like..... this.

Everybody's and every body's embodiment session is unique to them. This session had a gentle, slow pace and used internal embodied awareness or inner movement.

First, let me introduce you to an amazing friend and coach, Alana Sanborn, featured in this session. She and I trade weekly peer coaching. You can find her at and on facebook

We both deeply believe that we must engage in our own personal growth work, anti-oppression work and self care to be effective guides for others. We are part of each other's accountability and support circle.

This is an hour-long coaching session condensed into 20 minutes.

It demonstrates the subtle and profound shifts that can take place through embodied practices. You will see Alana shift from:

~"not knowing" to knowing (tapping into her own body wisdom and heart knowing) ~disconnect/disappear to present/aware/connected ~ungrounded to grounded ~frustration/fear to curious/open ~unclear to clarity ~disempowered to empowered ~passive to choice ~resistance to relationship

The pathway towards the shift was listening for the metaphor to begin to explore and embody the metaphor. In this embodiment process, she has access to sense making. She can dissolve the shadowy unknown image into a known and relatable image.

All this shifts perspective and relationship with what feels like a source of resistance to parts of herself she can begin to tend, listen to, respond to, receive wisdom from, develop a working relationship with.

Subtle and profound.

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