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Simple and Profound: The Embodied Practice of Authentic Movement

Welcome to this gift of moving meditation, this simple and profound practice that holds the revolutionary act of returning home to our bodies.

The world around us is attempting to shift away from a very engineered disconnect back to a place that honors and deeply connects you to all that was pushed to the margins: your very indigeny (for white bodies -USAmericans/Europeans - this disconnect is thousands of years old), your body home, your brain-body, gut-brain, heart brain, your feminine energy free from distortions, your masculine energy free from distortions, freedom from gender definitions, your connection to your body wisdom, your connection to your inner knowing/intuition, your very authentic self and all the gifts that live there!

Some in the collective want you to stay in a place of fear and lack. I want to welcome you home to a much deeper knowing of who you are and where we can all live and thrive instead.

This practice touches a vulnerable place in us that is both craving, yearning to be seen, heard and understood and the very thought of this level of vulnerability frightens the crap out of us.

The culture we create and tend in our Authentic Movement gatherings is one of deep respect, release of binary judgements (good/bad, right/wrong), embrace of authentic connection of all our parts (bright, wild, wonderful, dark, ugly, genius, struggling), reciprocal alliance, honoring perspectives both shared and different.

Join us!

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