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The Anatomy of Angles and Curves: Collaboration in Nature

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

In the summer of 2020, we were 6 months into the experience of the pandemic. There were so many shifts and pivots and adjustments....and sacrifices. Then, I was asked to collaborate in a local dance project: The 7-Day Dance Festival. Creating a piece to be performed in seven days. This festival usually culminates in a performance at a local theater. Not this year. The shift, pivot, adjustment was to create a dance video - 3 minutes long. The Festival Performance happened on-line.

I felt connected to all the creators through this process, even though we were separate the entire time. That was a gift.

After I said, "Yes!", I felt nervous, afraid even. "Can my middle aged body do this?" "Can I access my creativity right now?" I did it any way. Just show up, be present and face these fears.

It was so enlivening to collaborate and create. We found an effortless flow. Below, you'll see what resulted.

I encourage you to say, "YES!" to life, your creativity and to collaboration. Especially now.

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